MyPicture_2As a self taught artist I have always been fascinated by the need to create. I am fortunate to be able to create in several mediums, some of which are linked to this blog site. In addition to painting, photography and fabric I have also dabbled in wood carving and sculpture.

As Scene by Arlys

While in high school, photography piqued my interest and whenever possible, I would purchase film for the old Kodak camera and off I ventured recording landscape scenes.

Growing up on a large farm instilled a deep appreciation for open spaces and my photography reflects my need for unobstructed views. Driving throughout the Mid-west provides ample time and space for reflection, beauty, and always a scene worth recording. The Back Roads Less Traveled are the most Interesting and the most breath taking.

For the Love of Art

My love of art developed later in life and I am a self taught artist.  I  possess a great imagination that is nurtured by the Rocky Mountains  to the West and the beginning of the Great Plains to the East.

Fabric as Art

Working with fabric comes naturally to me as my mother was an award winning quilter. In the midst of cold, gray winters I watched her combine bright colors of fabric and fashion them into works of art. Many cold winter evenings were spent with women gathered around a quilt gossiping as they stitched away, while the men folk gathered round the kitchen table sipping schnaps and playing whist.

As I grew more proficient at sewing I delighted in creating handbags for friends, as well as throws, wall hangings and quilts. My latest creations combine fabric and beads for exquisite necklaces.

The mere act of creating feeds my soul and for me, it is sometimes the most important way of expressing feelings when words fail.

Thank you for joining me on my travels through the the back roads of America.  Enjoy my creations.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the handbag I purchased from you, the black bag with the wide strip of red and black tapestry fabric. It is elegant and looks great with my dressy red jacket and black slacks!

  2. Why do I want to cozy up to a fire and talk the night away with you about art, happiness and the creative ways we have in communing with our Higher Spirits.

    Must be the back roads. They do it to me everytime . . .

    Michael J
    Conshohocken, PA USA

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