The River of Life

May 18

The River of Life is Where…

….. sharp steel edges cut sharply into the dark, frozen water. Skates hissing, crackling, crunching, gathering speed over the frozen stream.

….. naked trees in the numbing, cold, early morning light catch their reflection on the glossy ice at their feet.

….. under the  spring sun, winter begins to release its firm grip at the edge of the banks, gently coaxing ice into water, promising a season of warm beauty.

….. by mid-April huge islands of ice clash and thrash about as if vying for first place at the end of a race.

….. spring in the high country means navigating rushing torrents of water crashing over sharp rocks in rafts filled with warriors who dare risk danger for a thrill.

River of Life

…..noisy, creaking, giant rolling paddles grind, clash, splash, loudly as they plunge deep beneath the surface, violently churning the water as the wooden blades rise from the foam.  Above the din, gales of laughter from dance hall girls can be heard as gamblers gulp shots of whiskey through hazy cigar smoke.

….. buckets of smelly worms wait their turn as bait while fishermen prepare their hooks, and lines eager to reel in the big one.

….. foremen shout orders to already weary dock workers, as they load barges to capacity, hurrying in hopes of avoiding sand bars.

….. a group of teens double dare shy girls to go skinny dipping.

….. busy beavers fell trees, erecting a dam before their young arrive.

….. inner tubes filled with water-soaked children squeal with delight as they lazily float down stream.

….. in the struggle for life beneath water, fish have learned not to be too particular about their diet.

….. mother ducks proudly parade their fledglings at water’s edge,  and nap concealed in coves of cat tails.

….. in the searing heat of summer, lovers steal away, seeking refuge, under the cool trees, sipping wine while dangling their feet in the cool, flowing, water.

….. pontoons ferry family and friends to watering holes, and restaurants on their banks, all eager to entertain, please, and serve.

….. leaping frogs rest on lily pads creaking, honking, flicking their tongues through air-filled mosquitoes.

….. stately trees capture their glorious autumn colors in motionless water, preparing for the coming winter.

Rivers and life are inextricably entwined.  In life there are moments when we want everything to stop but, like a river, flowing through each season of our life, we are nourished and enriched by our most profound experiences.


7 thoughts on “The River of Life

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