Moon Glow

April 20

While living in room 325 at the LaQuinta Inn, each morning I indulged in, what for me, was one of my greatest blessing’s; sipping Kaladi Brother’s Coffee while watching the sun rise paint the snowy Sangre de Cristo Mountain range.  This simple ritual saved my sanity while working on a large project.

I arose each morning in pitch darkness, keeping the light’s off in my room, in order to savor the deep blue haze giving way to the first sliver’s of light. Dawn gently broke the darkness unveiling the shadow’s of the Sangre de Cristo’s as cut outs against a dusky sky.  As The Artist slowly began to paint the cloud’s and sky in glowing hue’s of pink’s , purple’s  and red’s, the snow-capped mountain’s reflected the splendor of each fleeting image.

Feeling soothed by nature’s latest painting, I scurried about to hasten my drive to the abstract company forty miles north.  The brilliant, early, morning sun cast irregular shadow’s on the craggy cliff’s, making them appear indomitable. Antelope and cattle grazed on tuft’s of gold and yellow winter grass as they dodged cacti on the dry range.

Held captive at the title company in a dingy, windowless, room, lit by 40-year-old florescent light’s, with air-filled  cat urine and caterwauling  music devoid of notes numbering more than four; I felt condemned to four hours of torture until my release for lunch. Ditto after lunch.

Released at day’s end, I  head west toward the state park where I regained my sanity on the bank’s of a lake beneath the towering Spanish Peak’s, with a brisk walk in icy, cold, 40 mph winds that cut through my many layers of clothing. There were no good hair days.

One particular evening, snow began to fall as I fell into bed exhausted. I was awakened in the wee hour’s by the most luminous full moon flooding my room.  I marveled at its brilliance and fell back asleep knowing somewhere a poet would be composing an ode to the love of his life under its’ magic the spell.

Moon Over The Sangre de Cristo’s

Upon waking I made my cup of Joe, and waited for the show to begin, but I was unprepared for what daylight would reveal. The moment I saw the moon suspended  over the pink drenched mountain’s, I knew this was the entrance to heaven.  At once I felt dwarfed and mesmerized in the presence of such perfection, such unadulterated beauty.

To be greeted each day by a magnificent spectacle of nature is a humbling experience.  Here in Southern Colorado I have the freedom to indulge in natures’ healing wonder’s every day.  I am grateful to be within minutes of open space’s and scenic peak’s.


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