Of Bald Eagles, Contemplation, and Solace

April 6

Layoff’s are traumatic at best.  After 18 months of enjoying room service, dining out and having my laundry done, it was difficult to return to domestic chores.  Every day I felt like a Queen. My royal self was PAID to be a sovereign, and the room, meals and laundry were PAID too.

The hours were long, and the stress was beyond the pale. Living far from friends and family added to the stress.  Living and working in a motel on a large project; 40 of us were thrown together as a team.  I formed friendships with coworkers, but they were not the same as the friendships I left.

After my lay off I returned to the hustle and bustle of the city, but not having a job to go to every day, my scurrying to and fro came to a halt. Even though I had lived in Denver for many years, I felt like a stranger in a strange city.

Needing to relax and get my bearings, I visited my friend, Nancy, in Hot Sulphur Springs.  Nestled along the Colorado River is the fantastic Hot Sulphur Springs Spa.  I felt the tension of the past several months leaving my body as I beheld the panoramic view while soaking in the healing waters.

I really enjoyed catching up with Nancy over the best mountain trout in a quaint restaurant  in Parshall.  Midnight came too soon as I closed my eyes with great anticipation of the back roads and paths I would soon be exploring.  The area is riddled with gravel roads and dirt paths; I sensed an adventurous day ahead of me.

Crisp mountain air tingled my senses as I admired a cloudless, bluer than one can imagine, blue sky. When I hop in my car I am never quite sure where I am going or where I will end up.  I just follow my instincts as I toodle along, and when a road begs the question, “I wonder what’s down this way?”, off I go, sometimes having to burn a little rubber to slow down and maneuver turns.

I left Nancy’s and ended up in Rand, where several less traveled tracks, begged me to follow them where ever they would lead.

There was ample rain during spring, and now in summer, the high country was kept verdant with daily showers in the late afternoon.

Near Rand, Colorado

Climbing to the top of a gently sloping bluff, snow-capped mountains began peaking over the horizon growing more majestic with each step.   In the valley below cattle mingled with herds of deer, grazed amid thick, native, grass made knee tall by the generous moisture.

Wild flowers were in great profusion in the lush mountain meadows, with Indian Paint Brush topping out the varied shade count at thirteen. Overhead a small flock of birds kept swooping and swirling.

As the sun warmed the cool mountain air I found the perfect view to contemplate the past incredibly difficult months.  I have found mother nature always puts things in perspective.  Seeking solace in the quietness of air, space, and getting lost in time has a profound healing effect.  My heart and spirit felt broken, and once again, I was counting on The Creator’s Creations to heal me.

I don’t know how long I sat taking in the healing elixir of nature before I was aware of loud screeching.  As I slowly began to focus on the high-pitched sound of a bird, my eyes searched the sky and landed on a Bald Eagle.  She was circling near me, and it dawned on me that she had circled for a while.  She landed in a small grove of near by Aspens, and soon I heard several tiny chirps.

Following the sound of the chirps I found several eagle feathers entwined in the brush.  It was then I realized I had to find my wings again.


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