“Hushed And White With Snow”

March 16

It’s been snowing quite a bit here in Southern Colorado. From my third floor perch I notice distant bluffs  blanketed in white, and in the icy streets below, whining tires are straining to reach the top of the hill.

There is a rhythm in the noise of day to day living.  Streets clamor with traffic, and businesses hum with machines, gossip and the rustling of papers.

It is interesting how all noises sound rushed, as if in a hurry to be carried off into the wind to make room for yet another wave of racket.  All the raucousness makes me feel like I need a reprieve.

Private Property in South Denver

SNOW!  Oh, the beauty and wonder of snow.  I wake up in the middle of night watching large, beautiful, flakes fill the air, and wonder about the mystery of noise disappearing.  Sometimes the silence is deafening.  How can it be so quiet, when the night before, I could hear traffic a half mile away?

Snow cushions noise as it blankets the earth, yet it amplifies each and every sound. When everything is “hushed and white with snow” there is no constant chorus of commotion.  Each sound is a solo.

In the quiet, blue haze of early morning, I feel at peace watching the snow begin to sparkle with diamonds in the bright sun.  Time seems to stand still. I am at rest.


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