Welcome to Back Road Less Traveled

Cities are fun.  Where else can we go and have a fabulous dinner with fine wine, enjoy live music and theatre, visit museums, art galleries, take in a sports event and always be sure that there will be something to entertain us 24/7 if we choose?

I enjoy large cities, but I feel most comfortable seeing nature when I wake up in the morning.  Having a view of mountains or an endless sea of prairie calms me and makes me happy that I am part of a more natural environment.

After musical studies in college I moved to a large city.  While I enjoyed all the cultural amenities of a large city, I was also stressed by traffic, elbow to elbow people, polluted air and hardly any time to be in nature. I now live in a smaller city where mountain views and open spaces are less than a five minute drive.

When my busy schedule allows me to take a road trip, I can hardly wait to point my car in the direction where open spaces and back roads are readily available.

Many times I toss my map aside and take hard left turns onto small gravel roads. I really get excited when I find a dirt path to follow.

I love open spaces, and as my photographs reveal, I love unobstructed views.

South West North Dakota

Ok! A lot of you are probably wondering if I have completely lost my mind.  Many people bemoan the fact that driving through the plains states means withdrawal from a city and the excitement of “things to do and see.” “There’s nothing there”, is the cry frequently heard from friends.

OMG, where else can you see green fields stretching endlessly into the horizon with intense blue skies as a back drop? Where else can  you breathe air filled with the aromas of sweet, wild grasses, and crops and earth still wet with dew?  I miss the smell of the earth producing food.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Back Road Less Traveled

  1. Thanks Arlys it was fun having you here and talking. Glad that the mountains restore you I find that they keep me sane.

  2. “. . . aromas of sweet, wild grasses . . .”

    I smelled some yesterday and wanted to pull over and close my eyes but the traffic coming out of Philadelphia barred my return to nature.

    Have to do it when the city’s not looking over my shoulder . . .


    michael j

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